Community Action

Friends strive to trust in love, rather than to fear. We work towards peace because we believe it is the only way. We are often led to implement our concerns for equal rights for all. Many Friends have been drawn to Quakerism because of its dual commitment to spiritual awareness and social action. The following are a few programs and projects that members of WMM are involved in:

American Friends Service Committee

Pacem in Terris
The goal of Pacem in Terris is to facilitate the active participation of people and organizations on the Delmarva Peninsula, especially the religious community, on the issues and projects relevant to the quest for peace and justice throughout the world. We also serve as an educational and resource center. The people and organizations working on Pacem in Terris projects are making a positive contribution toward peace by efforts to change community attitudes and by involvement in people-to-people projects. Pacem in Terris seeks to help people understand through seminars, activities and experiences that peace is not a dream, but a necessity, now and in the future.

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