Welcome to Wilmington Monthly Meeting and the Society of Friends

Wilmington Monthly Meeting of Friends (WMM) welcomes everyone (members, attenders, and visitors) to join us in weekly worship on Sunday mornings. We also welcome everyone to participate and become involved in the life and business of Wilmington Meeting.

Meeting for Worship at WMM begins at 10:00 a.m. every First Day (Sunday).  Children and young Friends are invited to join First Day School (Sunday School) in the annex at 10:00 a.m.  Young Friends join their families in worship at 10:45.  Parents of the very young are invited to use the Nursery adjacent to the annex.  

Meeting for Worship is usually followed by a social period with coffee and light refreshments.

Meeting for Worship with a concern for Business is held the second First Day of each month (except August) and begins at 11:45 a.m. Young Friends in First Day School join Meeting for Worship for the first 15 minutes on the second First Days.

Meeting for Worship

Friends’ “unprogrammed” worship is based upon living silence. Friends Meetings do not make use of paid clergy or sacramental rituals, but rather meet in a friendly atmosphere where anyone who feels strongly led to speak may do so. Members, attenders and visitors gather together in silence to wait on the word of God. It is an individual search for truth in a gathered community of worshippers, the search involving prayer, meditation or inspiration. From the living silence may come a message that someone feels strongly must be shared through vocal ministry. Such ministry may aid the worship of others in the group and serve to encourage additional ministry.

Although each Meeting for Worship is based on silence, without dogma, creed or ritual, each is unique. More than one worship experience may be necessary before a visitor appreciates and benefits from such worship.

Many Friends are dedicated to community service and give their time and resources to promote peace, understanding, justice, and integrity.

Becoming Involved With Quakerism

Visitors and attenders may learn about Quakerism and the way of Friends by attending Meeting for Worship and Meeting for Business, through discussion with members, through publications, and the links provided elsewhere on this web site. Although Friends are reluctant to proselytize, they want others to feel welcome in Meeting activities and are pleased to discuss all aspects of Quakerism. Quakerism has been characterized as a do-it-yourself religion, and this may cause visitors and attenders to find it difficult to comprehend.

Copies of Faith and Practice, other books and a variety of pamphlets are available in the foyer of the 5th Street entrance (next to the parking lot).  There is also a Meeting Library on the balcony level of the Meeting House.

More information concerning what to expect at Meeting may be found at: QuakerSpeak.

When attenders feel comfortable with Quakerism and the Meeting from experience and reading and feel drawn to joint the Society of Friends, they write to the Monthly Meeting, stating why they feel unity with the Friends’ principles and testimonies. The Committee on Care of Members then communicate with the applicants and report to the Meeting for Business. Full guidelines for membership may be found in Faith and Practice.

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